Aloo Tikki /Aloo Tikki Channa Chat

Potato pancakes with onions. Potato patties with onions. 5.95/8.95

Amritsari Fish


Fish marinated with chick peas flour with special herbs and spices

Chicken Pakoras


Marinated all white chicken fritters.

Dhahi Chat Papadi


Plain fried bread stuffed with chick peas, yogurt, mint and tamarind

Dhahi Puree


Stuffed fried bread with tamarind yogurt sauce.

Onion Bhaji


Onion fritters seasoned with ginger & spices.

Paneer Pakora


Homemade Indian cheese dipped in spiced grain flour and deep fried

Samosa Channa Chat


Stuffed potato patties with chick peas, hubs and spices



Popular Indian snack. 2 vegetarian turnovers stuffed with potatoes,
peas, spices & herbs

Vegetarian Pakoras


Spinach, cauliflower and potato fritters.